Mexfiles and Neuralynx nst files

Natalia Grion grion at SISSA.IT
Tue Feb 12 19:41:48 CET 2008

Hi Robert,
I'll put the questions of my last email in different words (maybe it'll
be clearer):
I have a general question about Mex-files  (always in the context of
Importing data from Neuralynx):
I'm running
 hdr = read_fcdc_header (Set of *ncs* files only ; Nlx files for lfp).
And I find this Message:
?? Invalid MEX-file ...\fieldtrip-20080206\@uint64\minus.mexw32': The
specified procedure could not be found.
As far as I understood this mex-file is not compiled. So, I have to do it.
Question: Do I have to compile all mex-files from this folder? Do I have
to do the same for files from fieldtrip-xxxxxx/private/mex/ ? Which is
the procedure?

The other problem:
I run
 hdr = read_fcdc_header (filename), but this time with a Dataset of
*nst* files.
And this error message appears
??? Error using ==> fieldtrip-20080211\private\read_header
unsupported header format
If I go to the low-level function, it is clear that there is no "call"
for nst files but the function is in fact in private folder. So, how
should I add this "call" for read_neuralynx_nts?

Thanks for your help.

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