Problem with DipoleSimulation

Luis Morán lmoranr at GMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 27 13:35:31 CET 2008

Dear collegues!
I'm new on fieldtrip so I'd be very pleased if someone could help me.

I have a problem while using dipolesimulation. I'm trying to make a
simulation with 2 dipoles. I introduce the position as a 2-by-3 matrix, and
the moment as a 3-by-2.

My problem comes when the leadfield is calculated. lf is m-by-n matrix where
m is the number of channels and n is 2*number of dipoles. Then, in the
script this lf is multiplied by dipmom (a 3-by-Ndipoles matrix) and by
dippos (a N-dipoles -by- 3). So this operation only works when we have only
one dipole.

Thanks in advance

Luis Morán Rodríguez


lmoran at

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