freqgrandaverage-no averaging performed

Hsu, Shen-Mou shehsu at INDIANA.EDU
Mon Dec 1 11:29:09 CET 2008

Dear users,

The following message was returned when I executed the freqgrandaverage: "not computing grand average, but keeping individual power for 15 subjects
Warning: discarding electrode information because it cannot be averaged".

I was wondering if someone may shed some light on this issue.

Big thanks in advance.

Shen-Mou Hsu


j = 1;

for sub = [1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 16 17 18 19]
    load (['Sub',num2str(sub),'_ERSP_N_fieldtrip_',num2str(i)]);
    ERSPall(j) = TFRwave;
    j= j+1;

cfg = [];
cfg.keepindividual = 'yes';

ERSP_N_LV = freqgrandaverage(cfg, ERSPall(1), ERSPall(2),ERSPall(3),...
    ERSPall(4), ERSPall(5), ERSPall(6),ERSPall(7),ERSPall(8),...


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