Tucker-Davis Technologies and PLX

Daniel Stolzberg djs32 at BUFFALO.EDU
Thu Aug 14 13:15:23 CEST 2008


I have acquired multichannel continuous data using Tucker-Davis Technologies
(TDT) equipment and the OpenEx software.  I have been unable to directly
import the TDT 'tanks' into fieldtrip so I created a very roundabout way by
first using the OpenEx software to export the data to a comma separated
values (csv) file format and then import it into Matlab using a script. 
This is time consuming and limiting.

Does anyone have more detailed information on how TDT formats their data
tanks?  TDT support was not very helpful with this issue (although they are
usually helpful).

TDT's OpenEx software also allows one to export to PLX data format.  I have
been unable to open PLX files with FieldTrip because the function
'read_plexon_plx' does not exist.  Does anyone have information on this

Thank you!

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