problem with volume_segment

Luis Morán lmoranr at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 17 19:08:18 CEST 2008

Hi all!!

I'm working on the tutorial "Applying beamforming techniques in the
frequency domain". Whe I've tried to run next lines:
mri = read_fcdc_mri('Subject01.mri');
cfg                 = [];
cfg.template        = 'C:\Users\Luisiyo\Documents\Teleco\Beca
GBT\spm2\templates\T1.mnc';            = 'segment';
cfg.write           = 'yes';
cfg.coordinates     = 'ctf';
[segmentedmri]      = volumesegment(cfg, mri);

I've got the following errors:

performing the segmentation on the specified volume
??? Cant map image file.

Error in ==> spm_smoothto8bit>smoothto8bit at 51
        img      = spm_slice_vol(V,spm_matrix([0 0 i]),V.dim(1:2),0);

Error in ==> spm_smoothto8bit at 14
    VO = smoothto8bit(V,fwhm);

Error in ==> spm_segment>get_affine_mapping at 233
    VFS = spm_smoothto8bit(VF(1),aflags.smosrc);

Error in ==> spm_segment>init_sp at 567
MM          = get_affine_mapping(VF,PG,flags.affreg);

Error in ==> spm_segment at 91
SP         = init_sp(flags.estimate,VF,PG);

Error in ==> volumesegment at 250

Could anyone help me??

Thank you in advance for any help you can give

Luis Morán

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