Peter Praamstra P.PRAAMSTRA at BHAM.AC.UK
Mon Apr 14 11:54:08 CEST 2008

Dear FTers,
I have a query regarding the sliceinterp function. I am trying to plot the
sources of beta power changes. The source activities are the result of a
comparison of left and right hand movement conditions, hence they have a
mirror reversed distribution and amplitude, ranging from say -15 in one
hemisphere to +15 in the opposite hemisphere.

In order to clip the displayed source activities to say [-10 -15] in one
hemisphere and [10 15] in the other (and create opacity maps) I thought I
could use cfg.clipsym = `yes´ (and cfg.maskclipsym).
For instance:
cfg = [];
cfg.funparameter = 'pow';
cfg.colmin = 5;
cfg.colmax = 15;
cfg.clipsym = 'yes';

However, this doesn´t seem to work since the clipping is performed on only
one end of the scale, eliminating the mirror reversed source at the other

Am I wrong in assuming cfg.clipsym would work here or am I using it in the
wrong way?

(What I´m trying to do is exactly the same as realized in Figure 3 of
Medendorp et al. CerCor 2007).

Any suggestions?

Peter Praamstra

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