2 simple questions

Kianoush Nazarpour k.nazarpour at BHAM.AC.UK
Wed Apr 2 19:39:54 CEST 2008

Hello FTers,

I have been trying to get the tutorial beamforming example to run for over a
week! I have tried several matlab versions and also the spm2 R2007a updtats
dll files. Also gone through previous posts on this issue in the FT and SPM
archives have not helped. Still unsuccessful in doing volume segmentation! 

The problem is as below:

??? Cant open image file.

Error in ==> spm_segment>get_affine_mapping at 240
	VFS(1).pinfo(1:2,:) = VFS(1).pinfo(1:2,:)/spm_global(VFS(1));

Error in ==> spm_segment>init_sp at 567
MM          = get_affine_mapping(VF,PG,flags.affreg);

Error in ==> spm_segment at 91
SP         = init_sp(flags.estimate,VF,PG);

Error in ==> volumesegment at 250

Anyone knows how "cant map image file" error can be rectified? 


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