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Michael Wibral wibral at MPIH-FRANKFURT.MPG.DE
Mon Sep 24 09:51:04 CEST 2007

Hi Mahdi,

the error message means that you are trying to use spm2 (via fieldtrip)
on a 64bit linux system. The mex functions in spm2 are not supported on
this platform, meaning you have to recompile them. Here is a link on how
to do this, if you are familiar with compiling c-code:

beware that the Makefile and the platform-file listed on that page can
not be simply copied and pasted as several staements in a make file have
to start with a tab (the lines that are indendented to the right, these
are actually called 'rules'). If you copy and paste tab get converted to
multiple spaces, which doesn't work then. Maybe you can ask John
Ashburner acopy of their current makefile.

As a workaround, run that part of the tutorial on a 32bit (windows or
linux) machine.

Good luck and let me know if it works,

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