Michael Hauck hauck at UKE.DE
Tue Sep 4 13:46:58 CEST 2007

Hello there,

I found a bug in freqstatistic in version fieldtrip-20070603 when using it with coherence. If you use 
cfg.parameter = 'cohspctrm' freqstatistic still uses the powspectrm due to line 89 to 93

89  if isfield(cfg, 'parameter') && strcmp(cfg, 'powspctrm')
90   % use the power spectrum, this is the default 
91  elseif isfield(cfg, 'parameter') && strcmp(cfg, 'csdspctrm')
92   % use the cross spectrum, this might work as well (but has not been tested)
93  elseif isfield(cfg, 'parameter') && strcmp(cfg, 'cohspctrm')

I think that it should be ... && strcmp(cfg.PARAMETER, 'powspctrm') and so on

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