sampling of data

Jasper Poort j.poort at NIN.KNAW.NL
Wed May 2 16:21:38 CEST 2007

Hi all, 

I have some general questions about data sampling:


1 usually the sampling frequency is some nice round number, but I've got some data with a sampling frequency of 762.9395. Can non-integer sampling frequencies give problems in FieldTrip? Is it possible to downsample the data?


2 I have some data recorded with a sequential recording system: e.g. the 1st sample of chn 1 is recorded at 0.001, 1st smp of chn 2 at 0.002, 1st smp chn 3 at 0.003, then 2nd sample of chn 1 at 0.004 and so on;  is it possibly to interpolate so that all channels have the same time axis?


Thanks in advance, best, Jasper

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