problem on wavelet analysis, combine channel

Jan Mathijs Schoffelen Jan.Schoffelen at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Fri Mar 30 09:38:15 CEST 2007

Dear Eve,

I totally agree with Nathan. Specifying (unintended, but still... ;o) )
'powandcsd', in particular in combination with a spectro-temporal
reconstruction really blows up your memory requirements. Especially when
(again probably unintended) you are computing csd's for all
channelcombination. I'll leave it up to you to calculate how many bytes are
needed only to represent your output csd-matrix in memory.
Some hints:
-each double precision number requires 8 bytes of memory in matlab
-each complex number consists of two double precision numbers
 (numberoftimepoints) can become really big.



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hi eve,

i'm not too familiar with the fieldtrip specifications, but:

> Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

do you have enough RAM?

this would then not be a real fieldtrip problem, but a rather common
problem generally when using matlab.

good luck!


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