Layout lay

Ulla Rantakokko ulla.rantakokko at TKK.FI
Tue Mar 27 12:03:46 CEST 2007

Hi Christian

I reloaded the version:
File:  	1665 KB  	03/20/2007  	08:06:00 PM
which is the most resent version accessible at the moment.

>> multiplotTFR(cfg, TFRwave);
reverting to 151 channel CTF default

when using lay as cfg.layout.



Hi Ulla,

the changes in PREPARE_LAYOUT (which is the "key" function here) were  
made on 21.03.2007 (see recent changes at 
fieldtrip/doku.php?id=fieldtrip) the day after your newest FT version.

If it does not work with the absolute newest version either, then  
please let me know.


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