TFR:boundaries, resolution

Ulla Rantakokko ulla.rantakokko at TKK.FI
Thu Mar 22 11:40:13 CET 2007

Hi Christian,

I enjoy your being so precise :)

I actually downloaded the version 20070320, removed the older one from path
but still matlab somehow finds the old version... maybe I must delete the
old one from the computer for good. 
You may want to get the latest version of FT since there have been a  
lot of changes in the past 2 weeks to the layout stuff. The call to  
the function CREATELAYOUT (and the date stamp in your fieldtrip  
directory :-) suggest that you are using an FT version which predates  
the key changes made on 14.03.2007. It should be fine in the latest  

Not 100%, sorry. Can you say (write) that again?

I was thinking that I save data separately for data trials with different
trigger and another data set solemnly for baseline purpose with another
trigger. Because my perfect baseline signal lies some 2000 ms before the
data trial and because  the data trial is long already the 2 secs for gap
between trial and baseline is memory consuming and of no use. So I thought I
could plot the data w.r.t. baseline activity from separate sets, when the
data trial actually starts much later than the baseline. Now I have the
impression that the baseline wants to refer to the same time limits as the
data in trial. So can I select the baseline time and signal from another set
and the data activity from another data set ie something like:

select and preprocess data for baseline:
cfg_baseline, data_baseline 
...and for data:
cfg, data

(actually because this far the computation does not require too much memory,
the trial could also be one long data set. I would like to compute the TFRs
separately with only the time of interest differing into two sets: )

TFRmult_baseline = freqanalysis(cfg_baseline, data_baseline);
TFRmult = freqanalysis(cfg, data);

and then plot the latter w.r.t. the previous 

But here I get lost how to tell to FT that baseline could be the whole
information (trial and time) and not only a time limit in cfg that is
extracted from the data for baseline purpose.

So is it possible or do I have to start to imagine ways around the problem ?

I hope this lengthy description didn't make the idea even cloudier

Best regs



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