TFR:boundaries, resolution

Ulla Rantakokko ulla.rantakokko at TKK.FI
Thu Mar 22 10:10:02 CET 2007

Thanks Christian,

1. & 2. Ok. I haven't succeeded well with multitapers because of memory
problems. For some reason 'wltconvol' is also impossible for the same reason
but this far 'tfr' works well (?) which is a little suprizing . I can get
this far singleplot only.

I found the new layout files the minute I sent the mail... However, I get

>> multiplotTFR(cfg, TFRmult_th_ad);
??? Undefined function or variable "Lbl".

Error in ==> fieldtrip-20070226/private/createlayout at 244
if ~any(strcmp('COMNT', Lbl))

Error in ==> multiplotTFR at 234
lay = createlayout(cfg.layout);

even though the neuromag data is recognized well.

4. A new idea to reduce the length of trial and thus get better pictures is
to separate baseline from the data-trials to one baseline set. How can I
relate the baseline with the data as whole information and not just time
limits. Am I making myself clear ? 

Best regs


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