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Christian Hesse c.hesse at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
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Hi Grant,

> Thanks Christian for your helpful reply.
> FT is sounding very good!

> My only immediate remaining question is about if FT is dependent on
> the
> MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox (Statistic Toolbox does not matter).
> Definite confirmation here would be very helpful.

For spectral estimation / analysis FT depends only on the FFT
function which is part of the basic Matlab package. For signal
filtering, you need the signal processing toolbox in order to design
your filters, e.g., a 4th order Butterworth band pass filter, but if
you generate the filter coefficients (or the polynomial coefficients
of the transfer function) yourself, then you can use the FILTER
function with those coefficients which is again part of the basic

I guess you're mainly interested in spectral analysis of your signal
rather than filtering, so you should be able get away without the
Signal Processing Toolbo (however, I would recommend getting a copy
in order to take full advantage of all FT functionality).

Hope that helps,

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