coherence in TFR!!!!!

Jan Mathijs Schoffelen Jan.Schoffelen at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
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Hi Muthumaran,

I agree with Brian.
In fact, there are two other ways to achieve a coherence of 1:

1) the two signals you are computing the coherence for, are identical
2) you data-structure only specifies one trial (which you achieve when
running the analysis on the average)

I guess that the second way applies to your data. In this context, it does
not make sense to compute coherence, because by definition it will be 1.
In either case, there is nothing fieldtrip can do for you. Your data should
be defined such, that it makes sense to compute coherence.



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Hello Filedtripers,

Thanks for the reply, and when i use the
fdTFRmult       = freqdescriptives([], TFRmult); to calculate the coherence
after the time frequency analysis i get all the values of coherence to be

Is there any other configuration steps need to be followed in fieldtrip
before calculating the coherence
from the 'mtmconvol' method.

Thanking you

With regards

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