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Christian Hesse c.hesse at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Tue Mar 20 10:59:27 CET 2007

Dear Neuromag Users,

to facilitate (any kind of) topographical plotting of your 122 or 306
channel MEG data, fieldtrip now includes (or at least will from the
next daily update this evening 22:00 CET) several *.lay files for
Neuromag systems.

If the labels in your data do not match the labels any of the layout
files, then you can readily generate your own layout using the
function PREPARE_LAYOUT which requires an input data structure
containing a field with gradiometer information, e.g., your data
header or the data output from PREPROCESSING. (Note that this
function can handle channel labels with and without spaces between
the "MEG" and "number" tokens of the label string.)

You can check whether the layout is correct using the function

Hope you find this helpful

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