units for uncorrected freqanalysis_wltconvol.m

Brian Roach Brian.Roach at YALE.EDU
Wed Mar 7 17:35:33 CET 2007

FieldTrip Users,

I am wondering what the unit scale is for output from the
freqanalysis_wltconvol.m function before any type of baseline correction if
the input units are microvolts.  Is the output magnitude, or magnitude
squared (power or power spectra)?  Based on this equation from the code:

powdum = (2.* abs(autspctrmacttap)  ./ data.fsample) .^ 2;

I believe abs(autspctrmacttap) = magnitude, and that means powdum =
power.  If that is the case, I believe I am getting some really huge values
compared to the voltage of the pre-processed EEG.  Is it possible that I
have done something wrong, or is it typically the case for EEG power to be
much greater than EEG amplitude?

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