source data on inflated surface

Ingrid Nieuwenhuis ingrid.nieuwenhuis at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Tue Jun 19 15:51:54 CEST 2007

Hi Till,

I think the error is caused because the cfg is not specified correctly. If
you want to plot onto an inflated surface you have to specify both
cfg.surffile and cfg.surfinflated. In your case it could be:

cfg.surffile = 'surface_wm_both.mat';
cfg.surfinflated = 'surface_wminf_both.mat';

The first is used to interpolate the functional data onto, the second is
used for plotting. You can't use the 'surface_l4_both.mat' because there is
no matching surface file with that one.

Hope this helps,

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I  was trying to project source data to an inflated surface, but 
consistently got the error message:Color Data is not set for 
interpolated shading. The plot of the surface looks fine so far, but no 
functional data is plotted.I used the following config with the 
fieldtrip version 20070617:

cfg = [];
cfg.anaparameter = 'anatomy';
cfg.funparameter = funparameter;
cfg.maskparameter = maskparameter;
cfg.method = 'surface';
cfg.projmethod = 'nearest';
cfg.surfinflated = 'surface_l4_both.mat';
cfg.funcolorlim = 'zeromax';
cfg = sourceplot(cfg, sourceInterp);

Has anyone experience with this error?

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