read in EEProbe data

Alexander Maye a.maye at UKE.DE
Thu Jun 14 16:33:15 CEST 2007

Dear all!

I just ran across the same problem reading EEProbe files like others in this
thread before. Reading an EEprobe .cnt file using read_fcdc_header simply
crashes my matlab (under Linux). This is due to read_eep_cnt.mexglx, which
according to Robert can't be fixed until some low-level ANT functions become
available. I'm talking about fieldtrip 0.9.8.

Alright, here comes a very dirty but quick fix that works fine for me (and I
hope that nobody from the EEGLab community is listening :-)). EEGLab
(Delorme, Makeig, comes with the same
read_eep_cnt.mexglx function, which works surprizingly well. So, replacing
read_eep_cnt.mexglx in the fieldtrip/private directory with the
corresponding file from the EEGLab disribution (version 5 in my case) solved
the problem.

I acknowledge that from an ethical point of view this is wrong, and I hope
that I will not be forced to continue this bad behavior in the near future ;-)


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