matlab crash after sourceanalysis with correctm = 'cluster'

Ingrid Nieuwenhuis ingrid.nieuwenhuis at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Fri Jun 1 17:47:58 CEST 2007


I'm doing sourceanalysis with the following settings:

cfg = [];
cfg.parameter           = 'stat';
cfg.method              = 'montecarlo';
cfg.statistic           = 'pooledT' ;
cfg.numrandomization    = 1000;
cfg.correctm            = 'cluster';,1:2*Nsub)  = [ones(1,Nsub) 2*ones(1,Nsub)];,1:2*Nsub)  = [1:Nsub 1:Nsub];
cfg.ivar                = 1;
cfg.uvar                = 2;
cfg.clustercritval      = [-1.96 1.96]; %because Z-values

GA_source_norm_cl =

Everything goes well, but after the 1000 randomizations matlab crashes, also
on the 16 GB WM mentats.
I think it's caused by the multiple comparison correction 'cluster', because
without that I doesn't crash (when cfg.correctm = 'no' or fi 'max' does work).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this? I've attached the


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