Reading 4D data

Laura Parkes laupar at LIV.AC.UK
Tue Jan 16 15:33:51 CET 2007

We are trying to read in 4D neuroimaging data using the FCDC_read_data 
command and the 4D toolbox from Christian Weinbruch. We are having a few 
We get this when we attempt to run:

Warning: cannot determine whether the 4D-VERSION toolbox is present
Warning: adding 4D-VERSION toolbox to your Matlab path
Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: 4d-version.
File Format is FLOAT
TotalChannels = 162
 = 13598
SamplePeriod is 0.001475
FirstLatency is -0.050000
Duration is 20.051067
LastSample is 20.001067
reading coil locations
I found a MSI.Meg_Position_Information.Begin:
??? Cell contents indices must be greater than 0.

Error in ==> fieldtrip-20061011\private\read_header at 173
      hdr.label{indx} = sprintf('EEG%03d', i);

Error in ==> fieldtrip-20061011\private\read_data at 157
  hdr = read_header(filename, 'headerformat', headerformat);

Error in ==> read_fcdc_data at 49
[dat] = read_data(varargin{:});

The warnings are odd as the 4D toolbox directory is set in the matlab path 
and we have copied the files into fieldtrip/private.

The later error message is also odd as when we run 'read4D' on its own we 
don't get this error. 

We would be grateful for any help or suggestions.
Laura Parkes

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