too many trials/overlapping trials

Sameer Walawalkar sameer at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Thu Feb 15 23:12:35 CET 2007

Hello Christian,

Thanks for your email and sorry for the late reply. I was hoping to reply

But, no, I havn't been able to read all my dta properly into fieldtrip. I
was asking about the other questions becasue I knew I would be facing them

I don't quite understand the whole pading issue in read_event. So I am
trying to write my own code to generate cfg.trl. That I think will be much


On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Christian Hesse wrote:

> Hi Sameer,
>> Thanks for your email. I tried to look into trialfun_general.m file, but
>> the one I have is only 286 lines long. I looked into preprocessing.m, just
>> in case you meant it rather than trialfun_general.m and it is 432 lines
>> long.
> It turns out that I was actually referring to the function read_event (which
> is called by trialfun_general) that does all the flank detection which leads
> to the double counting. Sorry for the mixup!
> I gather from your other emails about component analysis that you have
> managed to successfully read in all of your data, yes?
> Christian

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