electrodes coordinates?

Christian Hesse c.hesse at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
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Hi Shantanu,

The 1st column is the channel number in the layout file, it is not
used any more.
The 2nd and 3rd are the X-position and Y-position.
The 4th and 5th column specify the with and height of the subplot
that will be made in multiplotER and multiplotTFR.
The 5th column is a string with the channel label.


On 15 Feb 2007, at 14:00, Shantanu Ghosh wrote:

> Dear all:
> What do the columns in biosemi32.lay signify? I guess they are place
> coordinates for electrodes, except the first and last columns, but
> do not
> know which column is what. can anybody help?
> thanks.
> -Shantanu

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