Time Frequency Analysis!

Muthuraman Muthuraman muthuraman10 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 19 11:23:27 CET 2007

Hello Fieldtrippers,

One more question regarding the Time frequency Analysis, i have EMG data of
24000 data points with a sampling frequeny of 800Hz(30 seconds of continous
data). I would like to do the Timefrequency analysis for this data and to
see the power for the whole 30 seconds

If i go for 0.5 seconds then i can go only for the time interval of interest

all the other values are above and below this limit are Nan's

I am interested mostly on the lower frequency range from 4 hz to 15 hz, what
would be the right time window if i want to look for the continous 30
seconds of data.

Thanking you

with regards

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