reading mat-files

Ulla Rantakokko ulla.rantakokko at TKK.FI
Wed Feb 14 13:26:22 CET 2007

Hello all,

I have tried to read in a mat-file or a fif-file. Fif-file is having  
problems with coilfile acceptance and also I get

??? Invalid MEX-file 'D:\meg_pd_1.2\megmodel.dll': The specified  
module could not be found.
even when the megmodel.dll exists.

I would prefare to read in my preprocessed data in mat file and  
proceed with time-frequency analysis. However I get:

??? Error using ==> fieldtrip-20061213\private\read_header
unsupported data format

Error in ==> read_fcdc_header at 37
[hdr] = read_header(varargin{:});

even though mat files should be ok.

How to give datafile and headerfile separately?

Can datafile be in .mat or in .bin format ?
I get "unsupported data format" from both options.

in read_header.m :
case 'fcdc_matbin'
     [path, file, ext] = fileparts(filename);
     headerfile = fullfile(path, [file '.mat']);
     datafile   = fullfile(path, [file '.bin']);

Thank you


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