Frequency Analysis!

Muthuraman Muthuraman muthuraman10 at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 9 13:05:51 CET 2007

Hello ,

Thankyou JM, for the suggestions regarding the Time-Frequency Analysis, it
works well now. I need the time information inorder to see what happens to
the power at a specific time interval.

>>From the previous discussion for the Freqanalysis_mtmwelch method as
Prof.Robert as suggested i tried to change the frequency resolution to 1 Hz
in the Mtmwelch method. Now i get all the values to be Nan's.

cfg.foi        = [2:1:30];
cfg.t_ftimwin  = ones(1,length(cfg.foi)).*1;

And also is there way to load the Laplacian transformed data to the Fieldtip
analysis which is a .mat file and work on it for the coherence analysis. I
do the laplacian transformation and the welch periodogram method with my own
programs not any software.

With regards

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