Diederick Stoffers d.stoffers at VUMC.NL
Thu Apr 26 14:08:09 CEST 2007

Dear all,

As a relative newbie to fieldtrip, just followed the 3.5 day course, I am 
having trouble performing trial definition.

Experiment: Simple Eriksen flanker task in CTF 151-channel MEG environment, 
80 patients and 20 controls
Trials: 80 congruent and 80 incongruent
Trial definition: 1s prestimulus and 1.2 second poststimulus (-1.0 to 2.2s)
Trial contains stimulus marker and marker for trialtype at t=0, no triggers

The CTF dataset has been modified and now contains 160 trials with a length 
of 3.2 seconds and two markers (stimulus onset and trialtype) at 1 second 
into the trial as well as a marker for artefacts.

Could anyone please advice what to include in mytrialfun.m ? Is it only 
possible to use triggers (in that case I will have to convert markers to 
triggers) or can I also use the information in MarkerFile.mrk? I have 
attached a trialfun.m file which holds some of the information.


Diederick Stoffers.    


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