Neuromag event values

Myles Reilly myles.reilly at HSC.UTAH.EDU
Tue Apr 17 23:48:04 CEST 2007


I have been trying timelockanalysis on continuous Neuromag data.
It does do the average but the results don't match averages calculated by
Neuromag applications. In Fieldtrip I can see a single event 
named 'trigger' that has 2 values, [3.0953e-004]
and [6.1907e-004]. There are actually two triggers with the values 1 and 2.

Interestingly 3.0953 * 2 = 6.196 so I wonder if there is a calibration
factor at work here.

I suspect both triggers are being averaged together.

Thank you for any direction you can give me on this,


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