SPM integration

Vladimir Litvak litvak at TX.TECHNION.AC.IL
Tue Oct 31 15:06:21 CET 2006

Dear Robert and all,

I'm starting to work on a project where I will analyze data preprocessed in
FT with SPM5 (www.fil.ion.ucl.ac.uk/spm/). For this purpose I'd like to
develop FT/SPM integration routines. I'll probably start with my immediate
needs but I think I'm motivated enough at the moment to eventually turn it
into something of general usefulness. If anyone has already worked in this
direction and has some code or would like to collaborate please let me know.
I'm affiliated to the methods group at FIL so I can get help from SPM
developers if necessary. Right now I'd like to be able to use FT to read any
FT supported format to SPM.

Additional question: how does one create low-level routines for a new (rare)
data format to be used by FT preprocessing? Is there a template or some
interface they should adhere to?


Vladimir Litvak

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