Within-subject coherence statististics for virtual sources

Lorina Naci lorina_naci at YAHOO.CO.UK
Mon Oct 23 19:18:01 CEST 2006

Dear FIELDTRIP members,

  I have used BESA to perform source coherence
  calculations for a multiple-subject/multiple-condition experiment. I have 14 subjects, and 2 conditions for which I’d like to compare coherence values. I have calculated coherence values in the Time-Frequency domain for each person.

  Given that BESA cannot calculate statistics in a multiple-subject study, their support personnel directed me towards FieldTrip.

  I would like to use your existing script ‘clusterrandanalysis on TFRs of power that were computed with BESA,’ but I cannot relate this to my data as the coherence values have been calculated for ROI sources, (8 per hemisphere - 16 sources total), and not for electrodes (I had 128).

  Do you have any advice regarding how I may adopt the script to for source coherence as opposed to electrode coherence? How do I import the source locations?

  Many thanks is advance for your help,

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