matlab crashes upon running fieldtrip - glibc error

Jed Meltzer jedmeltzer at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 22 22:16:00 CET 2006

Just some further details here about my problem - 

I used the matlab debugger to try to find where preprocessing.m was crashing, and found that it was 
in the calling of "progress.m"
If I comment out that call, the function works.  Of course, I don't want to have to do that on every 
single field trip function that calls progress.m.

Upon examining the code for progress.m, I see that there is this little workaround "to prevent matlab 
2006b (7.3) from crashing"

So I guess I am reporting that the workaround does not work!  I have matlab 7.3 and it crashes 

However if I just type "feature accel off" at the beginning of my matlab session it works ok.  I don't 
know why, but in the meantime this is working.
Maybe you can fix this in the future?  Thanks.


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