freqbaseline & zscore

Thomas Thesen thomas at UCSD.EDU
Thu Nov 30 17:42:07 CET 2006

Dear Fieldtrippers,

It's been quite busy on this list lately. Nice!

I have three quick questions.

In version 20060605 of FT, there is an option for cf.baselinetype = zscore;
but it is commented out in freqbaseline.m. Is there a specific reason for
it, i.e. is the code for computing a zscore for baseline vs active not

Is there an inbuilt option to plot the spectrograms with multiplotTFR
funcions 'as they are', i.e. without any baseline operations, just the raw
values. So far I've been using imagesc on the data matrix, but would like to
plot them in an arrangement specified by the .lay file.

And is there a way to compute a 2D representation of the frequency spectrum
of a particular channel? Like a typical FFT plot with frequency on the x
axis and power on the y axis?

Thanks a lot,


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