Some issues in freqanalysis

Vladimir Litvak litvak at TX.TECHNION.AC.IL
Tue Nov 28 20:33:02 CET 2006

Dear Robert and all,

I'm writing a new script for analysis of MEG data and I encountered some
problems with FT (I'm using 20061029 version):

1)     In freqdescriptives the lines 494 and 515 seem to be redundant and
also don't work and cause a crash.

2)     there are some missing functions:

     inputlabel2outputlabel called by freqdescriptives, line 234

     fourier2crsspctrm called by freqdescriptives, line 290

Can you please explain to me what cfg.combinechan in freqdescriptives does
(I'm new to MEG which might explain my ignorance)?

Finally, I would like to compute coherence from data of a single subject
with 300 trials and check whether it is significant (i.e. not random). I
don't think I can use any of the nonparametric stuff because I don't have a
baseline. It seems to me that I should use the jackknife SEMs. How exactly?
Should I use the bias correction? Should I take 2*SEM as the threshold?



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