How do you load Neuromag Averaged files into Fieldtrip?

Mark Andermann anderman at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 15 18:54:39 CET 2006


My name is Mark Andermann, I'm working at the Low Temperature Lab and Lab
for Computational Engineering in Helsinki.

I'd like to use Fieldtrip to fit dipoles to data acquired on a 306 channel
neuromag MEG system. While Fieldtrip offers instructions for loading raw
data, I have not found a simple script to load in Neuromag data that's
already been averaged in MATLAB, and converted back to an averaged .fif

Also, can MEG dipole fitting (and time-series estimation) in Fieldtrip be
done with a spherical head model in the absence of any subject MRI data?

Thank you for your help,

Dr. Mark Andermann

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