clusterrandomization on 3D-data within-subject

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Hi Olga,

About the z-param:

This is the field that contains the data to be plotted; for instance 'avg',
'powspctrm' or 'cohspctrm'. Normally the function looks in your data.dimord
to find out which z-param to use. To make the function work you could give
cfg.zparam = 'avg' (for instance if you want to plot an ERF/ERP). But if you
could send me what the dimord field of the data that you want to plot is, I
could look why the plot functions don't extract the correct zparam

About the timelockgranaveraging: I also think it should be the same. I have
no idea what it could be.

Good luck,

Ingrid Nieuwenhuis


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Subject: Re: [FIELDTRIP] clusterrandomization on 3D-data within-subject

Dear List member,

Sorry for such dull questions but,

I am again facing the new problems with Fieldtrip, although did not solve
some previous one (still can not singleplot and multiplot anything 'cause of
"unknown zparam field".

OK, about new one :-)

It seems that I did not use write the timelockgranaveraging.

 The problem must be here, when I made grand averaging of all my 11 subject

                  cfg =[];
                   cfg.keepindividual = 'yes'
                   C_vc11  =
vc_c_avg6,vc_c_avg7,vc_c_avg8,vc_c_avg9,vc_c_avg10,vc_c_avg11 );

As I understand the

vc_c_avg11.avg([9],[43]) should be similar with C_vc11.individual ([11],
[9], [43])
But it is not.
What can it be?

Best Regards,


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Subject: Re: [FIELDTRIP] clusterrandomization on 3D-data within-subject

Thank you very much, Lilla!

Now I knwo what to do but faced the problem with " unknown zparam field"
when ploting the results. Unfortunatly cfg.zparam does not discribed in help

Best Regards, Olga

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Subject: Re: [FIELDTRIP] clusterrandomization on 3D-data within-subject

Dear Olga,

I am just studying time-frequency analysis but I have done already on my
data, so perhaps I can help you.

First, yes, you have to do freqanalysis on the preprocessed data of the
individual subjects for all conditions that you want to compare (i.e. the
input for this function contains all trials from one subject in one
condition.) And it is also important that the other input for this function
is the cfg where for example, in the cfg.method you have to specify what
kind of time-frequency analysis you want to use. (You have to write
'wltconvol' for wavelet transformation and 'mltconvol' for multitaper

When you use freqanalysis as output you can get TFR for one subject in one
condition (but it is also possible to keep the information for the
individual trials of the condition by specifying cfg.keeptrials = 'yes').
When you have the TFRs for each subject you can grandaverage them with
freqgrandaverage where the input is the TFRs of all subjects (and before
averaging you can use also freqbaseline for giving a baseline for your

I hope it helps.

Best regards,

Lilla Magyari


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Subject: [FIELDTRIP] clusterrandomization on 3D-data within-subject

Dear list members,

Thank you everybody for your help! I've already got interesting results
using clusterrandomization on my data! Thanks a lot!

Now I have a question about using the clusterrandomization on 3-D data
(channel-time-frequency) in within-subject analysis.

As I understand it is possible with Fieldtrip, but I really newby in
time-frequency anlysis, therefore wanted your comments,

as far as I didn't find the example of the application of clusteranalysis on
this set of the data in tuturial.

I successfully conduct the within-subject clusterrandomization on my
grand-average data, which does not have the third, frequency demintion.

Now I want to add it. But I could not apply freqanalyisis on grandavarage
data, could I? Should I made the TFR of individual data and than
grand-avarage the result?

Which function should I use?

Best Regards,


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