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Sorry for repeating my post, but I just want to be sure that I understand everything correct.

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Dear list members,

Am I right, that after cluster randomization I will everytime get smaller amount of significant results, than after traditional t-test?
I mean if set cfg.alphathreshold = 0.05, and choose dependent t-test my clusters can only include the channels and time-points that is significant (p<0,05) 
when I just use dependent t-test to compare the two condition time by time on every channel. And only after this first step analysis the cluster is formed based 
on this t-test. Probably I am missing something, but after clusterrandomization analysis I've got a cluster (even significant, but it should not matter) with differential activation at posterior left site, although t-test (made in eeglab) on this paticular channel does not show any significant points.
Can somebody comment on it?

Best Regards,
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