first success!!!

Olga Sysoeva olga at GRAPHICMIND.INFO
Sun May 7 16:54:15 CEST 2006

Dear list members,

I want to share my first success in using Filedtrip. Although I could still
not properly load my current 64 electrodes data, I succeeded in importing my
old 19 channel data. Moreover, I succeded in conducting the between-trial
clasterrandomization analysis!

But I still have problems with within-subject cluster-randomization. The
error "did not find the gradiometer or electrode information" appears, line
461. What could it be?

Best Regards,
Olga Sysoeva, PhD
Institute of Higher Nervous
Activity and Neurophysiology
Russian Academy of Sciences
5a Butlerova str.
Moscow 117485
tel.: (7-495)-3347011,

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