Neuromag specifications in Fieldtrip

Jaakko Sarela jaakko.sarela at TKK.FI
Mon Mar 13 10:26:41 CET 2006


I'm trying to use the Fieldtrip package to analyse a data from
Neuromag 306 channel device (actually, I only have the 204 gradiometer

However, I do not have access to the fif-files, so standard approach
using Fieltrip does not work. I have the following information:
- data file (as a matrix in MATLAB)
- the channel locations (in VVchs_flat.txt, 2D or VVchs.txt, 3D)

Based on this information, is it possible to use the Fieldtrip package
for subsequent analysis? What information do I need to specify, before I
can for instance, plot fields on certain time locations, using

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