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Marcel Bastiaansen Marcel.Bastiaansen at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Thu Mar 2 11:33:27 CET 2006

Hi Robert, Dennis,

Whenever I try to use the interactive mode, I get the following error

??? Undefined command/function 'plotSelection'.

??? Error while evaluating figure WindowButtonMotionFcn.

And indeed, I cannot find the file plotSelection.m in the FC Donders
fieldtrip version.
Am I doing something wrong?


Robert Oostenveld wrote:

> Dear all,
> Dennis has implemented new plotting functions, they have been
> committed to CVS this afternoon. The most important difference is
> that of adding the option
>   cfg.interactive='yes' or 'no' (default)
> If you specify interactive-yes, you can make a selection, click on
> it, and that selection will be plotted in a new figure. I.e. if you
> start with a topoplotTFR, you can make a selection of channels, and
> the average TFR of that channels will be plotted in the next figure
> as a singleplotTFR. If you select a time-frequency window in that
> singgleplotTFR, that selection will be plotted in a topoplotTFR. A
> similar selection is possible in multiplotTFR, and the same
> interactive sequence of plotting is possible for topo/multi/
> singleplotER.
> In case of 3D (TFR) data, the default xparam is 'time', the yparam is
> 'freq' and the zparam is powspctrm or cohspctrm. In case of 2D data
> (event-related field or power spectra), the xparam is either 'time'
> or 'freq', and the zparam is 'avg' or 'powspctrm'. Please read the
> documentation of each of the functions for the new options.
> best regards,
> Robert & Dennis
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> Radboud University Nijmegen
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