update: volume functions

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Thu Jan 12 16:01:07 CET 2006

Dear fieldtrip users,

I have updated the functions that operate on functional and on
anatomical volumes, and maybe even more important for you, I have
also changed the name of some of the functions. Most functions that
work on anatomical/functional volume data (i.e. MRI and beamformer
source reconstructions) now are named volumeXXX.m. That makes it
easier to find them (type "volume" and press a few times tab in
Matlab), and also makes it more clear that they belong together.

The affected functions are
     old name         ->   new name
   downsamplevolume   -> volumedownsample
   normalisevolume    -> volumenormalise
   segmentvolume      -> volumesegment
   sourcewrite        -> volumewrite
   bvwrite            -> volumewrite

Furthermore, the new volumewrite function now also supports exporting
co-registered anatomical and functional volume data to BrainVoyager

For backward compatibility with your existing scripts (and with the
slightly outdated fieldtrip tutorials), the old functions still
exist. They will give a warning message if you use them, and then
call the new replacement function. Please adjust your scripts to the
new function names.

The new functions will be included in the next daily ftp release,
which means that you can download them tomorrow. If you encounter any
difficulties, please let us now through the fieldtrip mailing list.

best regards,

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