wavelet analysis

Jan Mathijs Schoffelen Jan.Schoffelen at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Fri Feb 17 10:18:06 CET 2006

Dear Kambiz,

This looks like a pretty low level error to me.

>??? Error using ==> fieldtrip-20060131\private\read_ctf_meg4
>no channels were specified for reading CTF data

>Error in ==> fieldtrip-20060131\private\read_ctf_trigger at 64
>stim =  read_ctf_meg4(datafile, hdr, 1, hdr.nTrials*hdr.nSamples,

It seems as if the variable stimindx has not been defined. Perhaps you could
check that first, by putting a breakpoint at the specified line in

Might it be the case that your dataset does not contain a channel with the
label 'STIM'?

Yours, Jan-Mathijs

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