Error in freqdescriptives ?

Conrado Bosman conrado.bosman at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 27 10:05:12 CET 2006

Hi Robert,

After analyze my data with freqanalysis, I use freqdescriptive to get the
values of coherence and the power spectrum. In my script I use the
foollowing functions,

FRtemp = freqanalysis(cfg3,MSMA);
FR = freqdescriptives([],FRtemp);

and I get the following error:

??? Undefined function or variable "data".

Error in ==> freqdescriptives at 113
data = fixdimord(data);

If I use the dbstop command, you can see that data variable at that point
doesn't exist.

113 data = fixdimord(data);
K>> whos
  Name       Size                    Bytes  Class

  cfg        1x1                       164  struct array
  freq       1x1                  25792480  struct array

It could be that there is a bug in the name of the variable? (using data
instead of freq)

Thanks for your attention,

Conrado Bosman
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