new website+wiki

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Fri Feb 24 11:49:29 CET 2006

Dear FieldTrip users,

We have implemented a new layout of the fieldtrip homepage, and a new
technical system behind it. The homepage is still available at the
same place: and I'd like to
invite you to have a look at the new website.

The system behint it is a wiki, similar to that used for Wikipedia
( From now on anyone cabn contribute to the
documentation! That means that, if you want to share documentation or
demo scripts with others, you can do it directly through the website.
Also if you notice an error in the documentation or a typo somewhere,
you can fix it yourself immediately.

There are still some parts of the old website that need to be copied
to the new website, but we are working on that. If you have ideas,
suggestions or comments, please share them with us.

best regards,
the fieldtrip team.

PS At the moment we did not implement accounts and passwords, so
anyone can contribute. If it turns out that the website becomes too
messy, we will make the edit function restricted to people with an

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