Tom Holroyd tomh at KURAGE.NIMH.NIH.GOV
Tue Feb 21 15:41:18 CET 2006

Hi; just exploring some of the recent changes, I noticed that if you let default in preprocessing, you'll get all the channels, MEG + junk,
as expected.  But then if I'm doing cross-power and specify channel
combinations of all MEG by all MEG, strange things happen.  I get an error
saying "The cross-spectral-density matrix is not complete" from
prepare_freq_matrices().  This is because there are more channels in than in the csd matrix.  I was thinking it might be nice for it to
default to only the channels specified in the csd, but it looks like there's
too much going on previously, and it's better to use in
preprocessing.  But the error message could be nicer.

If you leave the call to channelcombination() out, that is, omit
     cfg.channelcmb = channelcombination({'MEG' 'MEG'}, data.label);
from freqanalysis(), does it default to 'all' by 'all' so that if you said = { 'MEG' };
to preprocessing() you'll get 'MEG' by 'MEG'?

Basically I just want to ask if is now more-or-less required to


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