Volume conduction models for EEG

Juan Civeira jciveira at UNAV.ES
Wed Apr 26 11:39:18 CEST 2006

Thanks for the other help but now I have another question:

I have used the model on EEGLAB and I have my electrodes alligned with the
BEM but I do not know how to export both, the model and the electrodes, to

I have tried to use directly the field on EEGLAB EEG.dipfit.hdmfile in
Fieldtrip but the resulting grid is so huge that is useless.

So, in summary, I have my electrodes alligned with the BEM model present in
EEGLAB and I want to export both to Fieldtrip and apply a beamformer.

Thanks again

Juan Civeira
Neurociencias - Lab. Neurofisiologia de Sistemas 
Fundacion para la Investigacion Medica Aplicada
Edificio CIMA 
Pio XII, 55 31080 Pamplona (Spain)

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