modeling - inverse methods

Punita Christopher pchris at UNC.EDU
Wed Apr 26 18:07:46 CEST 2006

Dr. Oostenveld,
Thank you for your help previously in pointing me towards triplot.m for my 
plotting needs.  It has worked very well for me. 
I do have some questions regarding dipole modeling....
I'm developed a simple multiple concentric shell head model based on 
Mosher et al.(1999) and Zhang et al.(1995).  In my model, the orientation 
of the dipoles is not arbitrary.  I also use some code from the brainstorm 
toolbox (berg.m and zhang_fit.m) to calculate and fit the berg parameters. 
I calculate the forward solution using my code but I was wondering if 
there is any inverse modeling code (perhaps using least squares method) in 
Fieldtrip that will help me to compare the modeled data and my measured 
data.  My data consists of x,y,z, (coordinates) and v (single potential 
value).  My data is not even EEG data, I am just using the EEG approach 
for my research. 
Thank you,

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