Claudia Nohn nohnplusultra at GMX.DE
Thu Apr 20 10:45:13 CEST 2006

dear all, 
i just began learning fieldtrip and am momentarilly busy with
clusterrandanalysis. perhaps someone can answer some of my questions:
which hypothesis is actually tested by the t-tests concerning the
channel-time-frequency-triplets? and why are´nt all triplets included using
an alphtresh-value of 1.0?
does neighbourdist mean: MAXIMAL distance from neighbours?
how do i know for which triplet one specific p-value/cluster-level-statistic
etc. stands?
are only significant effects plotted by topoplotTFR?
for a two-sided test: which direction do the negative or the positive
clusters have? is the power of the first ore the second data bigger or smaller?
how are more than two conditions compared (i have two independent variables,
each having two levels, and two groups who are sensitized at the left and
right side of the body, repectively. so i´m comparing up to eight

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