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Hi Marco,

Sorry that it was missing, please find it attached. I will also add
it to the daily release version.

The EEGLAB data structure contains much more information than a
typical FieldTrip function output. In EEGLAB, everything is collected
together in this single large EEG structure, whereas in fieldtrip
only the minimum amount of information is stored in the output
structures of each function. Hence, you have to select which part of
the EEG structure to convert. That is done by selecting the
corresponding fieldtrip function as the 'fieldbox'. The selected data
then will be converted to correspond with the output of that
fieldtrip function.

best regards,

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On 2-sep-2005, at 18:28, Marco Buiatti wrote:

> Dear fieldtrippers,
> I'm a beginner to fieldtrip, and I have my EEG data saved as eeglab
> datasets. In the documentation pages you mention the possibility to
> import
> eeglab datasets with a eeglab2fieldtrip function, but I could not
> find this
> function in the fieldtrip version I downloaded (version 20050901).
> Can you
> help me with this?
> Thank you,
> Marco

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