Current of source

Mikhail Zvyagintsev MZvyagintsev at UKAACHEN.DE
Mon Sep 19 17:38:08 CEST 2005

Dear Robert,
as I found dipolefitting.m calculates just dipole moment. Do you have any
routines to transform dipole moment to the electrical current? I looked
through the FieldTrip, but I did not find it.
Accordingly to my previous question (I mean how to deal with dipolefitting.m
and dataset from example) - it works now, but I would still wait for your
recomendation how to use it properly in this special case.
Another question is - how would you recommend to estimate activity of
auditoria dipoles? Does nonlinear algorithm make any difference if I would
do it separately - one after another one or it is always better to estimate
them both in the same time? Some time they are not in exactly simmetrical
positions... And if I estimate them one after another one, how should I
project out the contribution of the first source from the measured signal?
Thank you,

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